Paint is updated to compete with Photoshop

In the next Paint update, Microsoft will add better editing tools that seek to compete with Photoshop

Microsoft’s Paint will bring better editing tools in its next update. Users will have more brushes at their disposal, better layer usability, the function to edit the background of images, among others.

With this announcement, Paint makes it clear that it seeks to compete with the giant Photoshop, the currently most used image editing software for Mac and Windows.

According to some clues that have been leaked, among the changes that Microsoft is preparing for this tool it is known that “the Paint version 11.2402.32.0 will integrate more advanced editing options such as the possibility of working in layers, transparency levels, a dark mode and removal of background in images.”

Additionally, Microsoft will test how to integrate a slider, from which it is possible to include shortcuts and select size options. “The technology giant’s goal is to improve the brush and eraser size selection experience by adding a wider range of options and a preview on the canvas as users move over it,” as reported by How-To Geek.


Source: computerhoy

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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