5G networks will be allowed during flights

A new update by the European Commission authorized the use of 5G networks during air travel in the region

Airlines will be able to provide the latest 5G network technology on their planes, according to a latest update by the European Commission on on-board communications, which advances the designation of certain 5G frequencies for user communications.

Currently, all airlines encourage passengers to activate “airplane mode” during takeoff and landing of the plane, by means of a light signal that indicates when they must do so.

This is a security measure implemented by companies to avoid interference with any other electrical or telecommunications system on the plane, which, if it exists, could cause a plane crash.

On the rest of the flight, it is possible to use a paid Wi-Fi network on some airlines (including Iberia or Air Europa) when the plane has already exceeded a certain height, and is off both the takeoff and landing runways.

As indicated by the Commission, since 2008 it reserves certain frequencies for mobile communications on aircraft, a decision on on-board communications that has recently been updated with the widespread deployment of 5G services.

Now the EU announced that all passengers on board flights in the region will be able to both keep their electronic devices turned on and their mobile data activated, in order to use 5G networks.

In this way, passengers will be able to access connectivity “to the maximum of its capacity and characteristics, as with a 5G mobile network on land.”

It should be noted that the European Commission also introduced novelties for road transport, where Wi-Fi with 5 GHz frequency bands can be implemented in cars, buses and other means of transport. This will become effective on June 30, 2023 “at the latest”, according to the institution.

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Source: dpa

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