Xiaomi builds a new factory to accelerate mobile production

The manufacturer of smartphones maintains the ambitious goal of producing 60 units per minute

Xiaomi stands out in the mid-range smartphones segment. Currently, it works hard to join high-end and premium mobiles, as well as 5G networks.

To achieve this, Xiaomi works in an installation with equipment that allows it to accelerate the production of devices up to 60 units per minute.

The company wants to open a new factory of its own “where they will focus on promoting the development of these terminals”. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, made the announcement during the 5G World Conference held in China last week.

According to Lei Jun, the construction of its 5G factory is in the last stage. There they will work on the development and production of devices with 5G technology. They are working very rapidly since they want me to start operations this December.

The ambitious plant is in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Beijing. Once completed, the facility will have large-scale automated production lines to achieve greater production efficiency and incorporate 5G cloud services and laboratories.

From Xiaomi they indicated: “The factory will not work at maximum performance, the first phase will produce one million units, which is not much, since – in theory – it can produce more than 30 million in 365 days.” In any case, the company is focused on flash sales. That is, in placing their smartphones in the market faster than before.


Source: computerhoy

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