Windows 11 update will arrive on September 26

This update will incorporate new artificial intelligence capabilities, from Copilot

Microsoft announced that the next Windows 11 update will arrive next Tuesday, September 26, and with it it will introduce new Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities with the Copilot assistant to enhance all the tasks carried out by users.

The company highlighted that “the new era of AI” has begun, which will change the way in which users relate to technology and will offer multiple benefits. In this sense, Microsoft already presented its new assistant powered by AI Copilot last May, after which it launched the public preview of this assistant in the Windows 11 Insider update for the month of June.

Now, Microsoft announced that Copilot will come to Windows 11 in update 23H2, which will be released next Tuesday, September 26. With this integration, the context and intelligence of the web, the users’ work data and the actions being carried out on the PC will be combined “in a unique way.”

In this way, the aim is to provide better assistance to the user in their tasks, with privacy and securityin the foreground“, as the company explained in a statement.

Specifically, Copilot is an assistant that introduces AI directly into the Windows operating system and makes tasks easier for users through a chat and different tools and functions. In fact, according to the company, it will be a “simple and fluid” experience that will be available in Windows 11, starting next week.

Thus, this assistant will be available in a sidebar so that the user can easily access its services. In addition, it will work as an application that appears simply by clicking the right mouse button.

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: Microsoft, EuropaPress)

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