WhatsApp will allow the use of 3-D avatars during video calls.

The instant messaging platform WhatsApp is working on the development of a function that will allow the use of 3-D avatars in video calls

Meta’s instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on developing a feature that will allow new custom 3-D avatars to be used in video calls.

According to the information released by WABeta Info, the platform has been developing these avatars in three dimensions and the intention is that users can use them “instead of the video image captured by the camera of the device that the user is using when pressing a button called – for the moment – “Switch to Avatar”.

The information also indicates that the avatars can be sent as stickers in the platform’s chats.  Although the development is currently running for phones with Android operating system, the company plans to make it available for iOS smartphones, but the release date of this new feature is unknown.

The WhatsApp platform is constantly evolving and innovating to meet the needs of its users. First they launched emojis; the new avatars are called Memoji/Birmoji and are included in the update for Android.

M. Rodríguez

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