Meta announces the end of Novi

The Meta company indicated that the testing period of the cryptocurrency digital wallet will end on September 1st

Meta plans to put an end to the Novi pilot program, which will no longer be available as of September 1st, so it recommended that users of this service withdraw their funds “as soon as possible.”

Novi is the digital wallet service that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency payments through a messaging app chat. These payments are made with Pax Dollars, a cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar.

The company launched the application in a trial period in both the United States and Guatemala in October 2021. Shortly after, it expanded the reach of the app by allowing payments with cryptocurrencies also through WhatsApp.

Now, the company announced through its help page that its pilot program is coming to an end. Specifically, both its app and its presence on WhatsApp will no longer be available as of September 1.

In addition to announcing the end date of this service, Meta indicated as of July 21st, customers will not be able to add money to their respective Novi accounts.

In the statement, they say once this period ends the user will not be able to log in or access their Novi account.

K. Tovar

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