Visa will adapt its services to cryptocurrencies

The company has been developing a payment system through a scheme for the massive adoption of digital assets

The international payments giant Visa has been developing an adoption scheme in its services aimed at cryptocurrencies and digital assets in order to include crypto, stable currencies and CBDC on several fronts.

This Tuesday, the CEO of Visa, Alfred Kelly, advanced the progress of his project and the ambitions for the new development, presenting through a teleconference the financial results obtained in the first quarter of 2021, ensuring that the plan has well-positioned foundations.

“We are talking to central banks about the importance of the public / private partnership and, in particular, the importance of buy-in. For these central bank digital currencies to have value, both will have to be safe in the minds of consumers,” the company representative reported referring to CBDCs.

Despite the fact that Visa has already made decisions regarding digital assets, the CEO has proposed an adoption scheme fixed to an inclusion strategy on several fronts and among the most important assets, bitcoin will always be the most prominent. In this sense, the company is developing a payment system keeping the crypto asset par excellence very present.

According to what was reported by Kelly, this adoption strategy will have three key points: purchase, sale and storage of cryptocurrencies, a new API focused on cryptography for institutions that work with the company and settlement of payments through stable currencies.



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