European Parliament will develop multi-orbital satellites to protect against cyberattacks

The organization gave the green light to the development of the first multi-orbital satellite constellation for Europe, with an initial budget of 2.4 billion euros

The European Parliament announced on Tuesday the approval of the budget for the development of a complex of satellites that will make it possible to combat cyberattacks.

“Safe and protected telecommunications” against cyberattacks is the objective of the body, which approved a budget of 2,400 million euros for this purpose.

The proposal was approved with 603 votes in favor; there were 6 votes against and 39 abstentions. The next step is the formal adoption of the text by the Council of the Parliament.

For this initiative in the technology sector, other aspects of equal importance, such as sustainability and respect for the environment, in addition to the reduction of waste emissions, have been considered.

The European Parliament emphasized the need for greater protection against cyberattacks, particularly for government agencies, which are the focus of attackers.



(Reference image source: Guillaume Périgois, Unsplash)

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