Vertcoin cryptocurrency undergoes a new attack

Once the irregularity was detected, the Bittrex platform recommended suspending operations with the cryptographic asset

A new attack on Vertcoin triggered the alarms in the crypto ecosystem. The fact was detected by a miner who noticed an unusual increase in the price of hashrate rental in Nicehash on November 30.

The cyber attack also generated work from unknown blocks to the miners of Vertcoin, who requested the assistance of the Bittrex exchange. The platform ordered to stop the operations for fear of a cyber attack. Also, the Vertcoin wallet was disabled.

The attack was confirmed and it is presumed that it was carried out from the Nicehash hashrate. “There were several double-spending exits, specifically 5. These exits were made with coins from the attack and it is unknown who they were sent to.”

The purpose of the hackers raid on Vertcoin is still unknown. However, experts point out that the cost to execute it reached 1 BTC and the benefits about 13825 VTC (0.44 BTC).

Analists of this act presume that cybercriminals indirectly pointed to the Bittrex crypto exchange to sabotage the platform.



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