Argentina faces inflation with a new 2,000-peso bill

At the end of 2022, inflation in Argentina stood at 92 %. The South American country seeks to face this financial crisis with the issuance of a new 2,000-peso bill in July

Argentina will put into circulation in the middle of this year the new 2,000-peso bill, which will become the highest denomination. The purpose is to face the high inflation that overwhelms the nation.

In December 2022, Argentina closed the period with 92 % inflation, one of the highest for the moment. This situation generates a decrease in the purchasing power of citizens and affects the entire financial system.

In this sense, this Thursday it was informed that the Central Bank of Argentina will put into circulation the new 2,000-peso bill, in cooperation with the Casa de la Moneda. Citizens will to be able to obtain them at ATMs starting next July.

The new banknote, which will commemorate the development of science and medicine in the country, will show “the figures of Dr. Cecilia Grierson (1859-1934), the first Argentine doctor, and also a sanitarian Ramón Carrillo (1906-1956), who was the country’s first Minister of Health between 1949 and 1954″.

According to information from the Central Bank of Argentina, “some 200 million $2,000 bills will be printed, which will imply the issuing of 400 billion pesos, a factor that will put pressure on inflation, which is expected to continue high for this year, close to 100 % according to the latest Survey of Market Expectations (REM).”


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(Reference image source: Europa Press, Marianakboom)

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