Venezuelan authorities catch cryptocurrency scammer

The CICPC found a man who was allegedly cheating with a cryptocurrency called Petro Oro 5.0

A man was recently arrested in Venezuela for allegedly carrying out scams using a cryptocurrency of his own creation, called Petro Oro 5.0.

The Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminalistic Investigations of Venezuela (CICPC), indicated on social networks that the man was captured in Caracas, after the crime in question had been verified.

Douglas Rico, director of the police force, indicated that “In favor of strengthening the Peace Quadrants, the CICPC will continue to attend to each space, each technological platform, each technical-scientific investigation, for which officials from the Computer Crime Investigations Division, They arrested a man in the vicinity of Plaza Bolívar, Santa Teresa parish, Libertador municipality, Caracas, after verifying that he was engaged in fraud through the sale of cryptocurrencies.”

The subject in question was identified as José Flores Tachau, 32, who used posts on social networks as a modus operandi, where he indicated that he belonged to the company Fintech Del Alba, CA, for which he presented a project called Petro Oro 5.0.

The case was made available to the Second Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas.

K. Tovar

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Source: Diariobitcoin

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