Social networks prepare for the US elections

Facebook, Twitter and TikTok will implement measures to prevent disinformation during the midterm elections

Facebook, Twitter and TikTok activated the measures to combat disinformation and foreign interference on the occasion of the United States mid-term elections, with the aim of avoiding interference in the election and the vote.

Meta will apply what it has learned in the 2020 United States presidential elections and in the 2018 midterm elections for the new electoral cycle that opens in the North American country and that will elect new representatives of the Senate and the House of Representatives on November 8.

Specifically, it will limit political ads, on social or electoral issues, from November 1st to 8 of the same month, which will mean that in that period new ads cannot be created or existing ones edited, as reported by the President of Foreign Affairs Global, Nick Clegg, in a statement.

This measure is complemented by the work of independent verifiers and a specific teams dedicated to combating interference in the election and voting of citizens. Transparency policies on political advertisements are maintained, and compliance with communication rules is ensured.

Some of the actions that the company will carry out, especially on its main social network, Facebook, are the removal of content that encourages people not to vote or that questions the legitimacy of the elections. Those with erroneous or false information about the voting process will also be removed.

Likewise, the company will maintain its alert system, with which it will send updated information on the registration and voting process, and will highlight the comments of the publications of local electoral officials. As a novelty, the notifications of the “feed” related to the elections will also appear in a second language, to facilitate understanding.

For its part, TikTok set up an Elections Center with which it intends to offer information and authorized sources in more than 45 languages, including English and Spanish, as stated on its website. This space will also offer content that helps generate critical thinking about what is seen on the Internet and about how the electoral process works.

In addition, the content that you share on the social network and that is related to the midterm elections will be identified with a label, as will the accounts that belong to governments, politicians and parties in the country.

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Source: dpa

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