UCAB signs agreement with CAF to promote socioeconomic research

The Andrés Bello Catholic University signed a memorandum of understanding with CAF for the development of socioeconomic research programs in Venezuela

A new agreement between the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), in Venezuela, and the Inter-American Development Bank (CAF), will allow continuity to what is proposed in the Governance, Political Management and Public Management Program, where “1,973 officials, political activists and members of civil society.”

The memorandum of understanding between the organization and the Venezuelan university will allow the promotion of key aspects for the country, such as “promoting research, discussion and dissemination of economic and social development issues.”

The initiative will help strengthen projects in areas such as entrepreneurship, community development, dissemination of socioeconomic knowledge and public policies, as announced by both parties on Monday.

It is noteworthy that UCAB and CAF maintain a close cooperative relationship of more than two decades working on research, education, training, innovation and planning aimed at the most vulnerable communities in Venezuela.


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Source: bancaynegocios

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