Bit2Me buys the software development company Dekalabs

Cryptocurrency platform Bit2Me announced the acquisition of Dekalabs, a software development company

The cryptocurrency company Bit2Me has bought the software development company Dekalabs, an operation after which the company will maintain its autonomy and continue developing projects as a software development studio for other firms, as reported.

In this new stage, the company will be led by the until now director of operations, Sandra García, while the previous CEO, David Ortega, will hold the position of president of Dekalabs and director of Innovation of Bit2Me.

The cryptocurrency company has highlighted that through this acquisition, Dekalabs will strengthen its consulting service, called Bit2Me Consulting.


“We want Dekalabs to continue operating autonomously in the same way that it has been doing in recent years. With this operation, what we want is for it to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise every day at Bit2Me”, said the CEO of Bit2Me Leif Ferrera.

He also pointed out: “I think that together with Dekalabs we can make many companies integrate into the cryptocurrency industry.”

In addition, Ferreira is confident of closing new integration opportunities with other companies in the industry in the coming months.

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Source: dpa

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