Ubisoft investigates the incident that interrupted its services

The company is looking for the reasons and the culprits of the hack that interrupted its services and affected millions of players

Ubisoft’s online services went down last week during an incident that the video game company has acknowledged as “cybersecurity”, and which has led to the reset of the company’s access passwords.

Ubisoft is investigating with “external experts” the “cybersecurity incident” that temporarily interrupted some games, systems and services, as reported by the company through an official statement.

The company assured that “there is no evidence” that the personal data of the players has been affected, and internally it has executed the reset of all access passwords.

This incident began in the early hours of March 3 and lasted until past noon, when Ubisoft accounts began announcing the restoration of affected services.

Ubisoft has been the victim of various cyberattacks throughout its history, which has repeatedly affected the operation of its games and services. This situation was repeated recently, since the company suffered from an attack that temporarily lowered its servers and for which millions of players were affected around the world.

K. Tovar

Source: LevelUp

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