Twitter would be working on its own cryptocurrency

Information has been leaked about Elon Musk's interest in launching a cryptocurrency of the social network, which would be called Twitter Coin

Twitter would be studying the possibility of launching Twitter Coin, its native cryptocurrency, according to a leak of information by a research specialist.

The unconfirmed data suggests that Elon Musk would be considering launching a new tip function, for which the Twitter platform would require a crypto payment system.

As data related to the leak of information made by Jane Manchun Wong, we can mention the recent comments by Musk, the new owner of Twitter, about the need for a crypto payment system for the social network.

Despite the fact that the data points to a possible cryptocurrency of the platform, which would be called Twitter Coin and which would allow the payment of tips, it will be necessary to wait for the confirmation of said information.

Wong, an expert security researcher, has indicated that she arrived at this deduction after “having extracted the code from a vector image that represented a “Twitter Coin.”


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