Twitter to limit the amount of DM in free accounts

The social network is working on a new way to boost subscription to paid Twitter Blue, imposing a limit on direct messages from users of free accounts

The new functionality that the social network Twitter is working on points to a limit on the number of DMs, or direct messages, for users of free accounts.

According to information leaked to the media, Elon Musk seeks to promote the paid subscription, Twitter Blue and, for this, he would impose a limit of 30 direct messages between users who follow each other.

It is possible that the measure, if it crystallizes, will generate some discomfort among the Twitter community. It may also happen that some users leave the social network for another alternative.

However, Twitter has not provided details regarding this supposed limitation on the number of DMs for users of free accounts.

Undoubtedly, the monetization of the service is the new goal of Elon Musk, who has not hidden his desire to apply changes to the platform.


With information from international media and social networks

(Reference image source: ilgmyzin, Unsplash)

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