Nike deepens its involvement in the metaverse

The company made three new applications before the Uspto, to expand its presence within the metaverse

The popular brand Nike recently made three trademark applications within the metaverse, most specifically aimed at its SWOOSH Web3 platform.

Swoosh is the name of the platform on Web3, which was launched on its 50th birthday. It is “a new community experience, designed to give you the opportunity to co-create the future of Nike.”

The company’s intention with this platform is to be able to interact with shoes, clothing, accessories and other types of collectible items that can be used in games and other immersive experiences.

“New technology brings new opportunities to innovate, inspire and push boundaries. Sport and culture are evolving, so we want to build a future that is creative, inclusive and full of limitless possibilities for everyone,” the company said.

In the application before the Uspto, Nike protects the trademark .Smoosh among other things for “downloadable virtual goods; digital collectibles and crypto collectibles with and relating to footwear, clothing, hats, bags, backpacks, skins, jewelry, sports equipment, animated and non-animated digital characters and designs, avatars, digital overlays, character skins, art, toys, and trading cards authenticated by non-expendable tokens on a blockchain network for access and use in offline and online digital environments, virtual reality online environments, and extended reality virtual environments.”


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Source: DiarioBitcoin

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