TikTok will launch photo app to compete with Instagram

The video platform's new photo application will be called TikTok Notes, in the style of Instagram, to allow users to upload their photos

TikTok is working on a new application, called TikTok Notes, that will allow users of the video platform and content creators to optionally upload their photos.

This is a predominant feature of Instagram and other platforms, such as Threads or Pinterest. Now TikTok seems to want to copy it to offer new features to users. However, the question now arises whether it will really be of interest given that its forte is videos.

In any case, it has been learned that the new photo application can be activated or deactivated by users, depending on their preferences. As background, TikTok has already allowed photos to be uploaded since 2022, although as stated, the company’s focus is videos.

With TikTok Notes, the platform seeks to take advantage of this niche of uploading and sharing photos that has given such good results to Instagram. Its positioning in the market could improve significantly thanks to the new commitment to motivate content creators to add their photo posts.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

(Reference image source: Collabstr in Unsplash)

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