Presidential and legislative elections in Ecuador will be on August 20

The National Electoral Council of Ecuador announced that the presidential and legislative elections will be on August 2, after Guillermo Lasso invoked "two-way death" provision in the middle of his political trial

Ecuador’s presidential and legislative elections were set for August 20 by the National Electoral Council.

According to the CNE, the tentative date for a second round to elect the president of the South American country involved in the political scandal and subsequent trial of Guillermo Lasso, would be October 15.

As will be remembered, in the midst of the impeachment trial that followed him, Lasso dissolved the National Assembly invoking the “two-way death” provision.

The CNE has indicated that from today until June 10 it opens the process for the registration of candidacies. The final list of those who will participate will be announced on August 6, giving way to the period for the corresponding electoral campaign, between June 8 and 17.

The elections on August 20 will establish whether to go to a second round, in case there is a difference in the votes of 10 points.

It is important to highlight that the winning candidate will not start a new term, but will continue the current term in accordance with the Constitution, which ends in 2025.


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(Reference image source: Presidency of Ecuador, Europa Press / dpa)

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