TikTok targets global audiences with AI avatars for agencies

Creating avatars with AI is not new. TikTok had already announced the functionality in May; but now it reinforces it for agencies by adding image bank actors and multilingual format to reach more audiences

The TikTok content creation platform will offer agencies the ability to create personalized avatars with AI Dubbing. They will also have an image bank with real paid actors.

TikTok wants to facilitate and expand the reach of agencies’ ads by generating content with AI avatars, multi-language formats and “image bank actors for branded content and ads within the platform.”

It will use the AI ​​Dubbing tool, “which will allow creators and brands to play with the language of avatars. The social network ensures that using AI will increase the reach of the ads.”

Avatars can be customized from a standard version proposed by the social network. Agencies and companies will be able to experiment with what best defines their brand so that the avatar acts as a spokesperson.

“Brands can choose multilingual avatars to expand the reach of ads and open up the possibility of creating collaborations. Other companies will also use AI to interact with it,” they noted.

Regarding the “stock avatars”, they are multicultural characters designed with paid actors under a commercial use license. It suits companies that want to keep the human touch in their publications.

The update of the social network is part of the TikTok Symphony project that aligns with the use of artificial intelligence on the platform. With the AI ​​Dubbing tool, the content can be translated into 10 languages, since it automatically detects the original language of the video, translates it, and transcribes the content into the language selected by the users.


Source: computerhoy

(Reference image source: Solen Feyissa in Unsplash)

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