The UN commemorates World Food Day 2022

"Leave no one behind" is the slogan selected by the UN to celebrate World Food Day 2022 this October 16

This October 16 marks International Food Day. This year’s slogan, “Leave no one behind”, encompasses the UN’s commitment, in more than 150 countries, to carry out sustainable programs in this area and guarantee the health and well-being of each individual.

The complete motto expresses: “Leave no one behind. Better production, better nutrition, better environment and a better life for all” supports the agenda of events of the United Nations System in Venezuela, focused on “promoting responsible food consumption, and the role of healthy diets as development opportunities for especially vulnerable populations.


According to Alewis Bonte, FAO representative in Venezuela, this date is celebrated with precisely those who cannot do so. “That’s why we talk about leaving no one behind. We must not forget that there are those who live in isolated areas or areas of extreme poverty”, he pointed out.

Bonte stressed that the transformation of agri-food systems “is essential so that healthy diets are less expensive, and reach the largest number of people” and added that together with partners and actors, they seek to offer “options so as not to leave anyone behind We provide support to boost agri-food production, since Venezuela has all the potential to feed its population.”

Likewise, Laura Melo, WFP representative in Venezuela, highlighted the importance of this day to give due recognition to the work in remote and highly vulnerable populations in Venezuela.

“When there is sufficient, available and quality food in homes, there are boys and girls with better learning, better opportunities to develop their potential, and individuals and families with the ability to build their own future,” Melo said.

Calendar of activities in Caracas

In the Venezuelan capital city, it is planned to commemorate the WFD with the Healthy and Sustainable Food Fair, in the Parque del Este, this Saturday, October 15, starting at 10:00 in the morning. There, families will have the opportunity to interact from a playful and dynamic learning perspective.

Other planned activities are webinars and a concert by the Chacao Youth Orchestra that will be held at the Social Action Center for Music on October 18 and 20, respectively.

Other UN agencies in Venezuela will participate in this celebration, which will serve as a preamble to the commemoration of United Nations Day, a date of great relevance for the entire Organization System in Venezuela, on October 23.


With information from WFP – FAO

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