Texas leads renewable energy business

The state where US oil production began is now at the top of wind and solar power

The state of Texas was at the time the starting point for the extraction and commercialization of oil in the United States. It now leads the renewable energy market.

According to recent reports, windmills and solar panels are now appreciated as part of the landscape in Texas. It is the state’s response to the evolution towards green energy.

John Boswell, director of economic development for Navarro County and an advocate for fossil fuels, has pointed out that clean energy businesses are a priority in Texas now that many companies have goals to reduce their carbon footprint.

“It’s a state where it’s relatively easy to get permits for deals with landowners. And then to build quickly,” explains Frank Demaille, executive vice president for Transformation and Geography at French firm Engie.

This firm precisely inaugurated last week, in Navarro County, a wind farm with 88 mills and a capacity of 300 MW.

Texas is rich in natural resources. The authorities prioritize the reduction of the carbon footprint and the projects to advance in the field of renewable energy oriented towards solar and wind energy are multiple.


Source: diariolasamericas

(Reference image source: Zbynek Burival, Unsplash)

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