Android 15 will be called “Vanilla Ice Cream”

As revealed in the source code, the new Android operating system will continue the tradition of desserts

The next version of Google’s mobile operating system that the company officially began working on will be called Android 15 V, but internally it will be called “Vanilla Ice Cream“.

Android 14 is currently being developed, which will be implemented later this year and is known internally as Upside Down Cake.

Thus, following the tradition of using desserts as internal names of operating systems, Google showed the name of the Android 15 V dessert in the source code of the AndroidOpen Source Project (AOSP), a repository where information and source code of the Android operating systems.

The first operating system developed by Google was called Android Apple Pie (apple pie), the next Android Banana Bread (just banana bread), and so on.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: file)

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