Telegram reached 400 million user

The messaging network reached this figure in the midst of a process of improvements for Android and MacOS operating systems

The Telegram messaging service already has 400 million users per month worldwide, one hundred more than a year ago, a milestone that has accompanied improvements in its applications for Android and MacOS.

A year ago, the application had 300 million users and after seven years since its launch, 1.5 million users register every day in it, which has become the most outstanding social media app in more than 20 countries. .

The situation of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic contributed to Telegram reaching 400 million users per month, as reported by the company in a statement published on its blog, in which it anticipates that they are working on safe group video calls for this 2020.

It has also introduced new features in its Android application, where a new menu of attachments makes them accessible as expandable layers. Improvements in MacOs, meanwhile, allow access to shared multimedia directly from redesigned profile pages, as well as drawing on photos with the update of the editor of the ‘app’.

The company also announced a $ 450,000 open collaboration initiative for creators of educational questionnaires.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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