National University of Colombia opens course on blockchain

It is aimed at engineers and developers interested in solutions through smart contracts with Ethereum technology

The National University of Colombia opened a course on blockchain technology aimed at engineers and developers interested in solutions based on smart contracts with the Ethereum platform.

The course is supported by the Engineering faculty of the university, based in Bogotá, the capital of the country. The team of ViveLab Bogotá participates in the training program and the dynamics will be through master classes given by experts in the area.

It will be a theoretical-practical course, with room for 30 participants. The program includes the concepts involved in the topic, what blockchain technology is and how it works, what are the current trends as well as its implications in the political, social, financial and banking spheres, among others.

Smart contracts are, of course, part of the study program. The participants will have practical workshops to learn about these tools as well as Hyperledger for blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Swagger and Docker.

The group ViveLab Bogotá has a broad experience in the subject, and has collaborated with several initiatives in the government sector of the country.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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