Starlink would set browsing limits per household

The company plans to reduce navigation limits to a certain amount per month, during peak hours

Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite Internet service, will reduce the speed of the connection in homes when users reach a certain amount of data per month during peak hours, although they will have the option to pay additionally to consume more gigabytes (GB) at higher speed.

The new “Fair Use Policy” that Starlink is going to apply to residential services establishes monthly limits on the amount of data that users can consume at high speed, which means that once they exceed them, they will experience a reduction in the speed of connection for the remainder of the billing period.

Starlink offers home users a certain amount of data for priority access each month. Specifically, it identifies this priority access during peak hours, between 07:00 and 23:00 and with a maximum limit of 1TB.

Once that amount of data is consumed, users will experience basic access which, when there is congestion on the network, will reduce connection speed and performance. The company already warns that this may affect the experience in third-party services and applications that make intensive use of this resource, such as broadcasts.

From Starlink they clarify that “in areas that are not congested or at times of little use, users should not notice any difference in performance between Priority and Basic Access during normal use”, as explained on their website.

For users who have exhausted the amount of data available in priority access, the company offers the option to purchase additional data at a high speed, which charges 0.25 cents per GB.

This change in the “Fair Use Policy” for residential services is not “at this time” available in the Spanish market, but it already applies to users in the United States.

K. Tovar

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