MasterCard launches debit card for digital payments in Venezuela

aE-commerce trends, together with demands for greater customer solutions, are the main drivers of the advances that MasterCard currently offers, including the new debit card for digital payments launched in Venezuela Las tendencias del comercio electrónico, unido a las demandas de mayores soluciones a los clientes, son los principales motores de los avances que MasterCard ofrece actualmente, incluida la nueva tarjeta de débito para pagos digitales lanzada en Venezuela

Electronic commerce in Venezuela has a new instrument available to users. This is the new debit card for digital payments launched by MasterCard.

The global card issuing company continues to adapt to the demands of an increasingly technological market and consumers with more needs.

Parallel to the development of new solutions is the consumer’s desire to live new digital experiences. They look for speed, convenience and transparency.

MasterCard has worked with its allied banks and “is leading the migration of the old Maestro cards to the new Mastercard Debit, which allows the cardholder to make online payments (e-commerce purchases or subscription to services and platforms) by debiting directly from your account”.

The new MasterCard Debit card allows customers to make daily purchases not only physically, but also online, using their computer or smartphone connection.

The contactless payment system took hold during the Covid-19 pandemic and increased considerably in Latin America, where MasterCard maintains a leadership in card issuance.

Claudia Acosta, Country Manager in Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana has stated: “We are leaders in the Debit category, and we bring high-level technology to the Venezuelan market, mainly with our Debit Mastercard (DMC) card.”

The company is committed to modernizing payment methods to satisfy consumer needs in national and international commerce.


Source: bancaynegocios

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