Spotify will have sound in HiFi

The streaming audio platform confirmed that "at some point" they will have HiFi quality sound

Spotify confirmed that the high-quality sound and lossless HiFi version of the platform is still standing and will “come at some point“, noting that it was not released earlier because “the industry changed and we had to adapt”.

The streaming music and podcast platform announced in February 2021 that it would launch a high-quality version known as Spotify HiFi. This novelty is characterized by incorporating an audio format with CD quality and without loss.

However, later, in January 2022, Spotify reported that it had no details on when high-quality audio would arrive on the platform, delaying this quality indefinitely.

Now, according to Spotify co-chairman Gustav Söderström, the HiFi version is still on the way and hasn’t been released for these years because “the industry changed for various reasons.”

In this sense, Söderström clarified that Spotify HiFi will be launched, that “it will arrive at some point“, but that it will do so in a way that “makes sense” for both the company and the listeners.

Source: dpa

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