The EU allocates 145 million euros for a digital alliance with Latin America

The European Union will promote digital transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean with an allocation of 145 million euros

The European Union has announced 145 million euros to promote digital cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean, within the framework of the Global Gateway projects, the infrastructure investment initiative with which the block aspires to counteract China’s influence in the world.

The Twenty-seven have launched a digital alliance with the Latin American region to promote digital transformation worth 145 million, with an eye on promoting digital cooperation between both regions.

The objective of this alliance is to promote the development of secure, resilient and human-centered digital infrastructures based on a values-based framework. This is the first digital association between blocks signed within the framework of the Global Gateway strategy.

This initiative seeks to generate a space for high-level dialogue and cooperation on priority issues for Europeans and Latin Americans in digital matters. Both parties will collaborate on infrastructures, the regulatory environment, the development of capacities, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, and the digitization of public services. Projects for satellite navigation and Earth observation data applications and services are also planned.

In this way, governments, private actors, financial institutions, civil society and academia will be able to strengthen ties and get involved in the implementation of this intercontinental alliance.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: KOBY Agency, Unsplash)

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