Spotify tests function to listen to music offline

The platform Spotify allows you to store the most recent melodies that the user has heard to play them when you do not have an Internet connection

Music is one of the forms of entertainment best enjoyed by music lovers. Spotify seeks to improve the experience through a function, in test, that allows you to store songs of recent enjoyment to play them when you do not have Internet.

The CEO of the streaming platform, Daniel Ek, recently shared a screenshot to show the playlist of almost four hours when the connection is weak.

According to the portal 20minutos, this application “already allows users to download playlists or albums and listen to them without the Internet. It is something very useful for when you are traveling by plane, you take the metro, simply that you cannot have access to a network or that you want to save data at specific moments when listening to music”.

Despite the fact that for some users the experience could be somewhat boring, since there would be no changes in the playlist, it is an interesting new functionality, particularly in cases of not having a network connection.


Source: 20minutos

(Refrence image source: Unsplash, in collaboration with Ave Calvar)

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