Snapchat will recommend the best places to visit

The social network has a new function called "My sites" that helps you see everything that the city where you are has to offer

The social network Snapchat is launching a new tool based on the operation of Snap Map, which is a cartographic version that allows you to see the map of everything that the place where you are can offer.

This new function called “My sites” will show you everything that is important about the place you are visiting and that you cannot miss. The locations are divided into three sections. The first one refers to Popular places for the areas where you can find the sites most visited by most people, or that have some fame.

In second place are the Favorites, which concentrates the places that are most liked, followed by the third option: Visited, which are those where people spend a certain time, even if they are not very relevant.

It is important to note that this new feature of the Snapchat Map is based on the activity of people, which means that it will depend on the users for a place to be fashionable or to be included in the trend section, because it will be influenced by the labels and the location where users are when they share or upload the images.

This new function of the messaging network is similar to Google Maps because it allows you to find places close to your position that you cannot miss, either to get to know, eat or walk.

M. Rodríguez


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