Argentine real estate companies accept BTC as a means of payment

There are some loopholes because cryptocurrencies do not have official recognition in the country. In this scenario, the best way to carry out the buying and selling process is before a notary

Real estate companies in Argentina are accepting cryptocurrencies on their platforms when buying and selling real estate. The first to take the initiative was MercadoLibre and its ads related to housing have the option of filtering the means of payment and includes Bitcoin among the different options.

MercadoLibre makes clear that it does not assume responsibility for the process or the way in which the purchase is executed. In this connection, it should be noted that BTC is not an official currency and does not have any type of recognition in Argentina, thus the platform is prohibited from participating in the operation.

There are at least seven real estate companies in the nation which are willing to accept Bitcoin on their platforms for buying and selling real estate. If you require the services, you only have to contact them or create the listing personally.

The real estate company Predial also considers cryptocurrencies within its means of payment. Its Executive Director, Gabriel Brodsky, reported that they began to accept “virtual currencies, but leaving Bitcoin aside” and that are replacing it with stable currencies, that is “crypto linked to the price of the dollar as Usdt, Busd, Theter”, among others.

The legal aspect, in this area, registers many gaps. However, they point out that the best way to execute the exchange is “in front of a notary with the buyer and seller accounts on the table, under the commitment to make the transfer after the signing.”

The financial reality is changing in the world, particularly for young people who have been venturing into the crypto market for years. The real estate industry, aware of this financial reality, began to tokenize properties and have included Bitcoin as a form of payment.

M. Rodríguez


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