Ronaldinho proposes electronic sports platform

The successful former Brazilian footballer proposes a sports super league, with stadiums around the world, virtual players and blockchain technology

Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho Gaucho launched a novel proposal to create a virtual sport super league based on blockchain technology. Through his initiative called Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project, the former footballer proposes a new electronic platform.

The ambitious proposal of Ronaldinho is an electronic sports platform that would have a super league, virtual players and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, stadiums around the world and distributed accounting.

As expected, the sports community has given the go-ahead to the project and have shown enthusiasm for the virtual environment of it. Until now, it has been widely accepted and the construction of 10 virtual stadiums has been confirmed. They hope to reach no less than 300 in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In the procedure for the creation of the superliga, the players will be analyzed by digital cameras and artificial intelligence. Once they have compiled all the information they will be placed in a database assembled from the NEO blockchain.

“Dinho”, as the former footballer is known, had already launched, along with his compatriot Roberto Carlos, the SportyFi platform, to help athletes get the necessary financial support and become professionals.


Source: Coincrispy

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