Pope Francis warns about disinformation and manipulation are exposed on Internet

Holy Father warns of the risks that "threaten the search and exchange of authentic information on a global scale"

A few days after the World Youth Day, in Panamá, the pontiff made a warning about the Internet, calling attention to the disinformation and the conscious and selective distortion of the facts on the Internet.

Francisco, the Argentine Pope, said: “Although the Internet represents an extraordinary opportunity to access knowledge, it is also true that it is revealed as one of the most exposed sites to misinformation and the conscious and selective manipulation of facts and interpersonal relationships, which often they take the form of discredit. “

The Pope recognizes that social networks, although they serve to communicate, to meet and help each other, they also lend themselves to the manipulation of personal data and cyberbullying.

In the same way, Francisco suggested that too often in the network identity rests on opposition to the neighbor, the foreigner, the group. He advocates respect to immigrants, cooperation and diversity.

The representative of the Catholic Church also emphasizes that experts say there are many threats to the search and exchange of authentic information on the network on a global scale.


Source: Semana

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