The BRICS will create a registry to exchange data on cyberattacks

The group of countries that make up the BRICS met in Moscow, where they agreed to create a data exchange on cyberattacks

The BRICS agreed in Moscow to create a data exchange on cyberattacks and incidents among an expanded group of participants.

This was announced by the Russian Department of Foreign Affairs through a statement, which emphasizes technological cooperation between nations in this matter.

The statement from the Russian department stated “that a practical result of the work was the decision to create a registry for the exchange of information on cyberattacks and incidents.”

Russian proposals to “strengthen the legal framework for interaction, as well as to initiate a dialogue through the scientific and academic community” were welcomed by the partners.

In this meeting, according to the Foreign Ministry, the different delegations ratified their commitment in the area of ​​cooperation, as well as “the peaceful use of information and communications technologies.”

The alliance of emerging markets and developing countries founded on ties of friendship, solidarity and common interests, under the name of the BRICS, was initially formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. On January 1, 2024, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and Iran gained full rights to join.

In 2025 there will be the next meeting of the working group under the Presidency of Brazil.



(Reference image source: FlyD in Unsplash)

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