Peru enters a tourist emergency

The Minister of Commerce and Tourism explained that the Peruvian government was forced to activate this measure due to the consequences of COVID-19

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, Roberto Sánchez, announced the emergency declaration of the tourism sector, which will be in force until the end of 2022, and which will serve to alleviate the effects that the restrictions due to the coronavirus are having on the country’s economy.

“The Emergency Plan for the Tourism Sector aims to establish sectoral measures to mitigate the serious crisis that tourism is going through as a result of COVID-19“, the Ministry detailed in a statement.

This declaration comes after the “coordinated work” between the Peruvian Executive and the private sector, which has served to agree on financial and economic measures that benefit tourism entrepreneurs throughout the country.

“We will boost public-private investments in tourism and strengthen tourism facilitation and promotion actions,” said Sánchez, who added that the Executive led by President Pedro Castillo has assumed “a real commitment” to reactivate the sector.

Although the Ministry has not specifically explained what the measures will be, it has detailed that it will be a financial rescue, with which it intends to facilitate and promote tourist activity in the country.

Source: dpa

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