Pedro Castillo sworn in as president of Peru

During the act the new president assured that he will seek to create a new constitution for the country

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, took office underlining one of the objectives that he set during the electoral campaign, to achieve a new Constitution for the country. Although, he remarks, his government will do so “always within the framework of the law and with the instruments” provided by the current one.

“One of our main political flags, now converted into a flag of the majority of the people, is the convocation of a constituent assembly, which endows our country with a new Carta Magna that allows us to change the face of our economic and social reality“, expressed the new president.

Earlier, Castillo began his speech in Congress by remembering the victims of the coronavirus and all those who worked on the front line during the most difficult months of the pandemic, and referring to his humble origins, as it is “the first time that Peru will be governed by a peasant.

“We have to govern at a time of gravity in Peru,” acknowledged the new tenant of Casa Pizarro, for whom physical and mental health “will be a priority” during his government. “No Peruvian family will be left without medical coverage,” added the Peruvian, who promises to end centralism in health matters and build specialized hospitals in each region.

The new president of Peru also lamented the campaign of disinformation and fear that has been launched against his candidacy, with which he intended to make the population believe that with him at the head of the country, houses, properties and cars would be expropriated. “That is totally false. We will not do that.”

Castillo defended that wealth should be distributed equitably among all Peruvians and emphasized that “property acquired with effort and within the framework of legality is guaranteed“, but what must change, he said, are the abuses generated by monopolies, “as has happened with domestic gas and medicines.”

K. Tovar

Source: Telesur

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