Bluesky launches ‘feeds’ with personalized algorithms

Jack Dorsey's Bluesky social network launched custom algorithm feeds, a feature very similar to Twitter lists

Bluesky has launched a new feature of ‘feeds’ created with custom algorithms or “custom sources”, which allows users to subscribe to one of them to receive a specific type of posts or content thanks to the custom algorithm, in a similar way to the Twitter lists.

The social network founded by the former CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, continues to implement features based on the open and decentralized standard characteristic of the platform. In this case, with the implementation of ‘feeds’ that act in a similar way to Twitter lists, showing content on specific topics of interest to the user or only the publications of certain selected profiles.

In 'feeds' that show content other than that which appears on the main page of the 'app' (Reference image source: Bluesky Social, Europa Press / dpa)
In ‘feeds’ that show content other than that which appears on the main page of the ‘app’ (Reference image source: Bluesky Social, Europa Press / dpa)

In this sense, Bluesky has launched “custom sources”, a feature that is based on ‘feeds’ that show different content from the one that appears on the main page of the ‘app’ and that, unlike Twitter lists, use algorithms custom files configured by the user who creates them.

Specifically, as detailed by The Verge, who has had access to the Bluesky closed beta and has been able to explore this new function, this feature allows users to create and subscribe to different ‘feeds’. They show specific content on specific issues or specific profiles, for example, posts about music, photos of cats or posts from accounts of relevant personalities.

The ‘feeds’ or personalized sources are anchored at the top of the main page of the platform and, in this way, users can quickly choose between one ‘feed’ or another to see different topics. In addition, the user can choose ‘feeds’ already created to anchor in their main tab from a new menu ‘My sources’, located in the sidebar of the application.

In the ‘My sources’ menu, you can find default ‘feeds’ such as ‘What’s Hot’ for content that is trending at any given time; ‘Bluesky Team’ which, as its name suggests, collects publications from Bluesky team members; and ‘Popular with friends’, which is based on a combination of relevant content from the accounts that are followed by the user and content that the profile’s followers like.

Similarly, ‘My sources’ also has an option to discover new feeds created by other users that may be of interest. In this way, thanks to the personalized algorithm of the ‘feeds’, Bluesky allows users greater control of the content they want to see. At the moment, this feature is available in the latest closed beta version of the mobile apps and in the Bluesky web client.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Jenny Ueberberg, Unsplash)

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