Number of bankrupt companies in the United States increases

In May, bankruptcy filings by companies from different sectors of the economy increased considerably

Data recently released by S&P Global Market Intelligence on US bankruptcy filings determined that 54 were filed last May.

According to specialists, the sectors from which different companies filed bankruptcy applications are consumer discretionary, industrial sector, communication services.

Among the main reasons for the increase in bankruptcy filings in the United States are “decades high interest rates and inflation.”

According to S&P Global, “the year-to-date count more than doubled to 286 from the prior year,” referring to the increase in bankruptcy filings.

It is the economic and financial panorama in the country, which is currently agitated by the start of the campaign for the presidential elections in 2024.


Source: americaeconomía

(Reference image source: Melinda Gimpel, Unsplash)

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