Cisco introduces its private 5G offering for businesses

Cisco presented details of the 5G offer during the Mobile Word Congress, which is designed to stimulate the productivity of companies, reducing technical, financial and operational risks

Cisco has shared during the Mobile Word Congress event the details of its Private 5G offer, designed to boost productivity in companies, which will be provided through global service providers and system integration partners.

Cisco Private 5G is a managed ‘as a service’ offering that brings the private 5G network to organizations, simplifying its adoption and reducing technical, financial and operational risks for a full range of use cases. It includes factory floors, supply chain, universitise and corporate campuses, and hospitals.

For Cisco, private 5G “is not a substitute” for the investments that companies have already made in WiFi, Ethernet transport and management systems, but “a complement” to them. Therefore, its offer integrates with existing business systems, including Wi-Fi 5/6/6E, as reported in a statement.

Customers in the education, entertainment, lodging, manufacturing, and public sectors are already working with a variety of service providers and Cisco partners to deploy private 5G, including Airspan, Logicalis, NEC Corporation, DISH, Zebra Technologies, and Colt Technologies.

IoT and open RAN

Cisco has also announced an enhanced management platform for the massive Internet of Things (IoT), which will help service providers manage LPWAN/4G/5G connectivity for new and emerging use cases such as metering, medical devices and agricultural sensors.

Cisco IoT Control Center, which currently manages nearly 200 million devices across all licensed cellular networks (LPWAN/4G/5G), has added a new connectivity management suite, delivered as a subscription service to through service providers.

Cisco and Rakuten have also signed a strategic collaboration agreement to accelerate open RAN.

Source: dpa

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