New data protection system through SIM card to be launched

This method uses the SIM, eSIM or iSIM to achieve end-to-end encryption

Zariot, the digital security brand, in association with The @ Company, presented a new data protection system based on the SIM card. This method will use encryption to ensure privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT).

In this sense, it was learned that both US firms made the announcement while waiting for the Mobile World Congress to be held from today until March 3 in Barcelona. During this event, Zariot will be present and will show the technology to the general public.

In a statement, the companies explained that this system is based on the Kigen protocol. In addition, it uses the subscriber identification modules (SIM, for its acronym in English), eSIM or iSIM to achieve end-to-end encryption. So you don’t need virtual private networks like VPN, portals or additional hardware.

“This flexible long-term solution reduces the costs of entry operation, but also those that occur throughout the life of the business. Something that companies often do not take into account when launching a new product”, said the CEO of Zariot, Dawood Ghalaieny.

Source: elsumario

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