NASA plans commercial trips to space

It is a private initiative to alleviate the financial crisis of the agency and aims to obtain funds for the International Space Station until 2025

Space has always been the subject of curiosity. Going through it and discovering its secrets dressed in a special suit is the dream of thousands of people in the world. To satisfy this fantasy and raise funds before its precarious financial state, NASA works on commercial flights to the International Space Station.

The agency is currently analyzing the various scenarios and looking for private investors oriented to space tourism. The main reason for this measure is that the government of the United States no longer wants to assume the expenses that the organization generates and, according to unofficial sources, it would eliminate the financing in the coming years.

According to a recent publication in the Washington Post, “NASA would seek an answer to the intentions of the White House, to stop financing directly to the International Space Station by the year 2025.”

The simplest comments on how to make real commercial trips to space refer to getting people with a great fortune to invest their money in space vacations. Although they must act with caution, representatives of the agency and the private sector study the mechanisms to raise funds.

They anticipate from the promotion by means of the use of the logo of the NASA in commercial proposals, until the sale of rights of names for their rockets. The alliances seem endless.



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