Digital Art: The trend that joined the crypto world

In recent years, it has been appreciated how the crypto world has been invaded by non-fungible tokens, used artistically

In recent years, we have seen how digital art has generated both interest and skepticism, and precisely the latter has occurred due to the absolute ignorance that exists about this not-so-new way of creating new languages and artistic works.

Due to its intrinsic relationship with non-fungible tokens (NFT) and, by extension, with the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the true meaning of digital art can be confused, which goes beyond the new asset exchange systems in the virtual realm.

Therefore, it is convenient to first determine what digital art is. This is the one created by digital tools, that is, with a computer or with a digital camera. In this way, digital art could be considered a JPG image, a video, a GIF or a sculpture made with augmented reality (AR) technology.

It should be noted that this type of art “is not new or unknown, a market has simply emerged where it can be sold, something that was very complex before,” acknowledges the artist and pioneer in crypto art in Spain, Javier Arrés.

The artist insists that “not all NFTs are art, but all crypto art is NFTs.” In this sense, he clarifies that what these acronyms really mean is that said digital file has been tokenized, that is, that a contract has been associated with it in a blockchain network.

When this occurs, said asset becomes unique, “it gives it authenticity and marks that file as the original, which is surely the most important thing in the art and collecting market”, adds Arrés, who ensures that “the connection between the crypto world and NFTs is smaller than people think.”

In this sense, it should be emphasized that digital art is not new, but that it was already abundant before the explosion of crypto art. “We had been doing it for many years. The brutal difference is that, the one who made it digital, could not later sell that work as unique. He sold its use, but not the original,” says Arrés, who points out that the concept of uniqueness lies in the “true NFT revolution.”


Source: EuropaPress

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