Microsoft Word reaches its 40th anniversary

The processor used throughout the planet, Microsoft Word, celebrates 40 years as the most reliable tool for users

In every home or office where there is a computer, users work on Microsoft Word. The processor is celebrating 40 years in the computer market and continues to provide solutions alongside technological advances.

Considered the star of the market, Microsoft Word adapts to the demands of the sector, with updates that provide security to users. Likewise, it offers mobile applications and solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Users have in Microsoft Word the ideal ally for file management, data processing, functions that are incorporated into those of its beginnings to respond to current demands. Improving the capabilities and functions it offers to users has been Microsoft’s goal.

Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie were the developers who crystallized this processor “by applying the What You See Is What you Get (WYSIWYG) format, a motto applied to word processors that said that, before sending a text to print, the Users could review it on the screen.”

In 1989 reached Windows in its second version, and then moved on to Windows 3.0 in 1990. It was the definitive takeoff. It has come a long way, adaptations, logo updates, inclusion of functions and tools for the user.

With each improvement, they have sought to optimize the user experience. In this sense, part of the most recent feature of the processor has been the integration of Copilot, the generative AI assistant that has also been extended to other brand applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.


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(Reference image source: Microsoft Edge, Unsplash)

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