Pikaso, the new application to export tweets to Instagram

The tool allows users to capture information with perfect resolution and then publish it on Instagram

Social networks have become the ideal place to promote or disseminate what the user wants. Under this theory the creators of applications remain in a permanent innovation in order to continue to meet the needs of consumers.

One of the actions that has become more viral is the exchange of publications between platforms, as for example, to take to Instagram some publication made on Twitter. In this connection,  a new application called Pikaso has been released, which easily converts any tweet into a screenshot friendly for the Instagram feed.

Considering that the application does not require more than a minute to achieve the results, its very simple and anyone can use it. You just have to log in to Twitter from Pikaso; once you grant the permissions you will have the possibility to enter the link of your tweet or select it from the timeline that you can see from the interface. By selecting it the system will generate the image to be downloaded and published in the Instagram account.

For his part, the creator of Pikaso, Soheil Rashidi, explains: “I created this tool for people who like to share their tweets on Instagram. It’s much easier than taking screenshots and cropping them manually and the generated image looks more professional and without clutter.”

In addition, Rashidi reported that he is still working to improve the tool in a new version that allows users to post tweet screenshots directly on Instagram Stories.

K. Villarroel

Source: tekcrispy

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