Microsoft develops low-cost Surface Laptop Go 3

Among the new models in the Microsoft catalog is the Surface Laptop Go 3, a lower-cost product known but with optimized hardware

The new catalog of Microsoft products will include a low-cost one, known under the Gulliver code, and which will be more accessible thanks to its low cost. This is the Surface Laptop Go 3, with improved internal hardware.

From Microsoft, they have indicated that the new product, from the company’s own hardware line, will maintain the original design and quality of all the brand’s devices.

The new laptop will maintain the “chassis that combines aluminum and polycarbonate”, as well as the “contained dimensions and its 12.4-inch touch screen.”

The innovation will be appreciated inside the equipment, which will integrate the twelfth generation Intel processors. This will provide greater performance and autonomy. Additionally, it will have new features based on AI, “such as Voice Clarity and Voice Focus, currently available on computers with dedicated neural processing units (NPUs).”

Regarding the configuration, it will be increased to take it from 4 Gbytes of RAM to 8 Gbytes of RAM, with a 256 Gbyte PCIe SSD. The Surface Laptop Go 3 will feature an upgrade in wireless connectivity options to Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. Windows 11 will be pre-installed, with support from Microsoft. The equipment is expected to be launched in October and be available on the market by Christmas.


Source: muycomputer

(Reference image source: Windows, Unsplash)

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