invests US$ 200 million to promote Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

The launch is planned for 2020 and will focus on non-custodial payment solutions and financial services for BCH

The wallet will invest $ 200 million to promote the growth of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem by launching a fund that will allow developers to offer new capabilities to BCH users, as well as give institutional investors the opportunity to capitalize on the future of the cryptocurrency.

The launch is planned for 2020, with the main objective of centralizing payment solutions and non-custodial financial services for BCH, encouraging businesses to serve as payment gateways, remittance processors, wallets and shops.

Although the details of the BCH Ecosystem Investment Fund have not yet been finalized, it is known that in the future this platform will help investors join the fund and then receive a business portfolio related to Bitcoin Cash and continue with the investment. “Every day a large infrastructure and business is built in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. will accelerate development with our investment fund“, said Roger Ver, CEO of

The empowerment that has taken the adoption of Bitcoin Cash as P2P electronic money in recent times is amazing, as well as the development of the ecosystem in the world economy.

A case that exemplifies the strengthening of the cryptocurrency is the recent inclusion of a BCH support made by the smartphone manufacturer HTC to its Exodus 1 model.


Source: cypherbits

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