Metamask wallet allows buying cryptos with official currency of Brazil

Metamask integrated the Brazilian payment system Pix, through the company MoonPay, which allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with reais

The main provider of crypto wallets, Metamask, announced a series of facilities in the Brazilian environment, with the incorporation of the local payment system Pix, which will allow the purchase of cryptocurrencies with the real, the national currency.

Pix is ​​the payment system created in 2020 by the Central Bank of Brazil, with the aim of facilitating transfers between peers in a few seconds. It quickly became the go-to for crypto trading, to the point of being used by Binance.

Billetera de Metamask permite comprar criptos con moneda oficial de Brasil

Metamask now offers the option to purchase digital assets with reals, by partnering with payment infrastructure MoonPay, which only charges a 1% commission for the transaction, in addition to an undisclosed network fee.

It is important to note that currently “the Central Bank instant payments system is available to purchase any wallet-compatible token, such as those running on ethereum (ETH), polygon (MATIC), binance smart chain, avalanche (AVAX) and zeal (ZEAL)”.

Undoubtedly, the opening that Metamask promises now in Brazil ensures a greater consolidation of the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the South American country.


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Source: diariobitcoin

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