Metamask enables crypto purchases with transfers

US residents will be able to make immediate transfers to Metamask for the acquisition of cryptocurrencies

The Metamask web wallet announced that it will allow US residents to make cryptocurrency purchases with bank transfers instantly.

ConsenSys, the person in charge of the tool, published on his official blog that this new function is possible thanks to an alliance with the payment processor Sardine.

Although Metamask already supported payments through its products for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, this new integration comes in place to address some of the open spaces that still remain for this task, opening the door to an option that is perhaps much more popular than the traditional ones mentioned in many services.

The company said that this option can be much more attractive than the use of credit cards, since there is no risk that the transaction may be rejected, and it also admits much higher limits, which will depend on the entities involved.

K. Tovar

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Source: Diariobitcoin

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